5 days tour in Transylvania 

5 days tour in Transylvania


Day 1 – Morning pick-up from Bucharest or from airport OTP

               Peles Castle– Bran Castle – Rasnov Fortress

Day 2   Carta Abbey – Transfagarasan Road – Sinca Veche Temple Cave

Day 3   Corvin Castle – Sarmisegetuza Regia

Day 4  Sighisoara – Bierta Fortified Church – Viscri

Day 5  Bear Sanctuary – Prejmer Fortified Church – Brasov

              Evening drop-off in Bucharest

 Accommodation with breakfast at Casa Rasnoveana*** Guesthouse in Rasnov

 DAY   1 

     Morning Pick-up from Bucharest or from airport OTP.

   Away we go to Transylvania, first stop is Peles Castle in Sinaia. We park the car close to the castle and I’ll assist you inside, operating the tickets faster and guiding you at the most exquisite castle form Romania.

   On the way to Bran Castle we’ll decide how hungry we are, to eat before Bran Castle or after we visit it.  After a Romanian cuisine experience in La Promenada Restaurant, we’ll drive for 5 minutes and get out of the car right in front of Rasnov Fortress.  For the rest of the hour as we walk thought the fortress ruins I’ll try to bring a bit of life to the surroundings of this stronghold with my stories and transport you in that time.

     As we are in Rasnov, here is your accommodation. You will be accommodated for the next 2 nights in a double room at  Casa Rasnoveana *** Guesthouse.

   DAY 2 

  At 9:00 am, after breakfast we leave. First stop in the day it will be at Carta Abbey. Visit the ruins of this former Cistercian monastery built in 1202, currently a Lutheran Evangelical Church for about an hour.

  After we left Carta Abbey it will take us half an hour to reach one of the most beautiful road in the world, Transfagarasan. We will drive up to the top, to Balea Lake where we’ll have a walk, breathing the mountain air and relaxing our eyes in the distances provided by the landscape. That afternoon we will have lunch up at the cabine.

  Next stop is Sinca Veche Temple Cave, an enigmatic place which has been dated around 7000 years old. You can find a Star of David here, a Chinese yin-yang symbol there, but strangely no Christian crosses, despite the fact that there is other evidence of Christian habitation.

DAY 3 Corvin feat

  Leaving the guesthouse after breakfast, at 9:00 am and relax for the next 4 hours until we arrive to our first stop. Corvin Castle represents one of the most valuable monuments of medieval architecture in this country.  The architectural outlook of the Corvin Castle blends Gothic style with elements of the Renaissance and of the Baroque styles. This is by far the most beautiful and amazing medieval castle from Romania.

  After lunch, in aproximative one hour we arrive at Sarmizegetusa Regia, the capital of the Dacian Kingdom, erected in the middle of the 1st century BC. And if you never heard about the dacians, well keep in mind that romans conquer a part of Dacia in 106 AD. to exploit resources like gold mines and many others goods, but the topic of this description is not history is presenting the tour day so we’ll focus more on the history when we will be there. Sarmizegetusa Regia is now on UNESCO’s World Heritage list and is comparable with Stonehenge.

Four our hours later after we see this unique place we will arrive back to Rasnov.

Dinner is served at La Promenada Restaurant which is at 3 minutes walking from the guesthouse.

DAY 4 

  After breakfast we leave, preferably at 9:00 am. And th day journey begins. For the next 2 hours you will be passing, from the confort of my car, thorough Saxon villages or driving close to fortified churches, fortresses and a forest. Yet we reach the one of a kind Sighisoara walled old town, the only inhabited fortress form Romania. Also this well-preserved town is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

   For the day I have prepared also a visit at the majestic fortified church from Biertan. One of the oldest Saxon villages form Transylvania, since 1224, Biertan was the headquarters of the Lutheran Church in Transylvania for 300 years. Just imagine what kind of a Gothic church it is if it was the Bishop’s Church.

   An hour later after we leave from Biertan we arrive in Viscri a village that 20th century didn’t changed a thing.  As we are in the village we head up to the fortified church.  This sight is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

One and a half hour after we left Viscri we arrive in Rasnov at Casa Rasnoveana Guesthouse for the night.

DAY 5 Prejmer IMG Wise

     Departure at 9:00 am after breakfast, we go to the oak wood in Zarnesti where the Libearty Bear Sanctuary is holding 100 bears, and for the next hour you will be, of course behind the face, close to many brown bears, some deer and a couple of wolfs. 
    Next stop Prejmer Fortified Church. Is the best medieval fortified church from a rural side in Europe, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Here we’ll see in the Gothic church the oldest triptych altar from Transylvania, dating since 1450. This place is like traveling back in time. A walk on the defence coridor will make you understand why this is the best one in matter of defence. Also we’ll find a Saxon ethnographic museum that is very interesting to visit.

   We saw the bears, we visit an UNESCO sight and for the rest of the afternoon we’ll visit the sights from Brasov downtown, like the Black Church, the Council Square, take te cable car up to Mt. Tampa at about 400 m above the city for the jawdropper view.  We will have Lunch in  Brasov that afternoon.

   When ever we think that we are good to go we can start towards Bucharest. It will be an evening drop-off to a hotel in Bucharest or to airport OTP.

Keep in mind that there is the possibility to extend your day tours on request.

Benefit from the personalized experience of a private tour with my undivided attention and relax and enjoy Transylvania whit its marvellous sights.

I hope we will meet soon.

private Private tour 
history of Transylvania History focus
Duration – 5 days 

Included: Transportation, Guiding,

Accommodation & Breakfast

 queue Skip the queue
dist Distance ~ 1.700 km 
meet Pick-up / drop-off at your location in Bucharest

On request different location pick-up point 


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This tour is for minimum 2 people

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