Salt Mine & Monasteries

Slănic Salt Mine, Cheia Monastery & Suzana Monastery

Let’s visit the biggest salt mine in Europe together with a nunnery and a monastery . The tour is guided focusing on history of the mine and on Orthodox belief, by this you will understand what you see more than you think and in the end you will find that it worth the hole traveling experience with a local guide.

Slanic Salt Mine & Monasteries

Slanic Salt Mine & Monasteries

45.00 / pers.

min. 2 persons


Slanic salt mine
Slănic Salt Mine

    Slanic Prahova Salt Mine is 210 meters underground and it gathers tourists from around the world with its trapezoidal chambers carved into the salt. Slanic it lies in the forested hills of the Sub-Carpathians as a truly massive structure, here you can enjoy a serene and majestic underground wonder.  This is the second large salt mine in Europe.   

Suzana Nunnery

Suzana Nunnery, which stands in magnificent scenery, was founded in 1740 and rebuilt in 1835-1838. This nun monastery was founded and named by Stanca Arsicu from Brasov, a widow that entry into the monastic life. According to the legend Stanca lost herself into the woods and when she tried to get out  she discover a meadow with a heavenly light and a remarkable odor. Hear she decide to build the monastery and named after her nun name, Suzana.

  Suzana Nunnery remarks itself  by its beauty and also by gilded silver icons, today here are 65 nuns who share in community prayers and work at weaving wool carpets. In the monastery is found a museum containing a collection of icons painted on wood and glass wrapped in plated silver, religious objects and many old books.

Cheia Monastery

      Situated in a natural beauty at the foothills of Ciucas Mountain, Cheia Monastery was built for the first time in 1770 and it was destroyed by the Ottomans who burn it down. The second time it was built out of stone between 1835 and 1839 and painted by one of the a pioneers of neoclassicism in Romania modern painting, Gheorghe Tattarescu in 1837.  Here the carved and gilded wooden iconostasis makes a place to relieve the souls to whoever comes here. This is a monks monastery which is dedicated to the Holy Trinity, is located on Bratocea Pass very close to the border with Transylvania offering shelter and pice of mind for all the people who pass its gate.

Private tour

History focus

Duration ~ 9 h

Included: Transportation & Guiding

Skip the queue

Distance ~ 70 km 

Pick-up / drop-off at your location in Brasov

On request different location pick-up point (e.g. your hotel in Bucharest)



1 person: 90 € 

group of 2 persons: 45 € per person

group of 3 – 4 persons: 40 € per person

group of 5 – 7 persons: 35 € per person

for bigger groups please ask for the price

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